Glamour shots

For this issue, we wanted something beyond the usual fashion shoot, so we sent Driu Crilly and Tiago Martel on a journey through contemporary fashion photography. Their mission: to investigate what glamour looks like today. What unfolds over the following 60 pages is part fashion shoot, part documentary, part anthropology, and features both professional models and street-cast teenagers. It’s a search for honesty and truth, revealing that glamour can be meaningful and worthwhile. Even today.

We had already worked with Driu and Tiago for the previous issue of Bon, and their meticulous and critical approach to projects was what really made me keen on doing it again. Over the course of a winter, we collaborated on four different shoots, with three different stylists in three locations to create a portfolio of images that captured the essence of the season in fashion in a way at once detached and full of humour and warmth.

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  • Driu Crilly (Photographer)
  • Tiago Martel (Photographer)
  • Tereza Ortiz (Stylist)
  • Anders Sølvsten Thomsen (Stylist)
  • Julia Erlich (Stylist)