I tend to make absurd video essays because when I was in art school, the post-internet art bros my classmates and I looked up to were making these very didactic videos as their art. At the beginning, I thought it was cool, then I realised it was just a bunch of white men being patronising.
—Amalia Ulman, in Bon S/S 2016, page 183

Bon S/S 2016, featuring Walter Van Beirendonck, Chanel, Hood By Air, Marques'Almeida, Tove Lo and Amalia Ulman.

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  • Daniel Björk (Editor-in-chief)
  • Marcus Söder (Fashion director)
  • Ola Rindal (Photographer)
  • Johan Avedal (Photographer)
  • Stephanie Wilson (Photographer)
  • Matthew Kristall (Photographer)
  • Jermaine Francis (Photographer)
  • Alex Franco (Photographer)
  • Nicole Maria WInkler (Photographer)


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