Kalain has two main target groups: people who want to preserve the scent of someone who recently passed away, and people engaged in long-distance relationships. I’m part of the latter category. On the homepage of Kalain, the menu offers the option to “cope with a temporary absence” – an activity I’ve been participating in for four years.
Andreas Båsk, from Bon A/W 2017, Page 63

Bon A/W 2016, featuring Christopher Kane, Eckhaus Latta, Eddie Peake, Laleh, Adrian Villar Rojas, Ocean Vuong and Lina Scheynius. This was the first issue I did together with Tereza Ortiz, and I am particularly pleased and proud of the raw, honest and beautiful photography throughout the issue.

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  • Daniel Björk (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Tereza Ortiz (Fashion director)
  • Lina Scheynius (Photographer)
  • Sasa Stucin (Photographer)
  • Pascal Gambarte (Photographer)
  • Eddie Peake (Artist)


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