is the studio alias of Erik Hartin. The studio works collaboratively with concept and production of still and moving images, design and editorial content, and website design and development. With a focus on narratives and storytelling, has access to a wide network of internationally recognised image makers, designers, casting agents and stylists and works across traditional and digital media to create honest and clever content and design for publishers, brands and artists. The studio has clients in the arts, fashion and publishing sectors and always strives to be inclusive in its choice of collaborators. also provides creative consulting for brands and institutions.

Erik Hartin has worked as an art director since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2011. He was the art director for London and Stockholm-based fashion and arts journal Bon Magazine between 2011 and 2017 and was also a long-time art director and editor of Vestoj Journal. Erik speaks fluent French, English and Swedish, having lived and worked in Paris, Stockholm, New York and currently London. He is an Associate Lecturer at the Design for Art Direction programme at London College of Communication and his writing has been published by Bon Magazine, Apartamento Magazine and Book Works.

Selected Clients

  • Bon Magazine
  • H&M
  • Book Works
  • Arabeschi di Latte
  • Association of Swedish Fashion Brands
  • Vestoj Journal
  • Royal College of Art
  • NikeLab
  • Josh Lilley gallery
  • Helsinki University of the Arts
  • Apartamento Magazine
  • Fashion Week Stockholm
  • Hugo Boss
  • Peroni
  • PUB
  • Brioni


Unit 11
Durham Yard
London E2 6QF


Photographers and directors:

  • Ola Rindal
  • Lina Scheynius
  • Driu Crilly and Tiago Martel
  • Kacper Kasprzyk
  • Tung Walsh
  • Alex Franco
  • Nicole Maria Winkler
  • Carlota Guerrero
  • Lars Brønseth
  • Pascal Gambarte
  • Jermaine Francis
  • Steph Wilson
  • Julia Noni
  • Hector Aponysus

Fashion editors and stylists:

  • Vittoria Cerciello
  • Tereza Ortiz
  • Marcus Söder
  • John Colver
  • Akari Endo-Gaut
  • Katie Burnett
  • Anders Sølvsten Thomsen
  • Tamara Scott
  • Matthew Holroyd
  • Ethel Park

Writers and editors:

  • Daniel Björk
  • Anja Aronowsky Cronberg
  • Gavin Everall
  • Madelaine Levy
  • Kira Josefsson
  • Linda Leopold
  • Kristofer Andersson
  • Ana Kinsella
  • Francis McKee
  • Maija Timonen
  • Clodagh Kinsella
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